Sri Arunodayam (

Sri Arunodayam was started by Mr.Iyyappan and his sister Jayachitra. Borrowing words from their website:

Every child born on earth is unique. However, not all of them receive the love, care and attention that they require to grow and develop into wholesome individuals. Even more, when the child is intellectually challenged, the care and attention required are twice as much.

The approach towards intellectual disability is different in the East and the West. The Western countries follow a medical model, where the Government steps in and provides complete rehabilitation and care. A social model is followed in the Eastern countries, where the families play a pivotal role in the education and rehabilitation of the mentally challenged individuals, with a moderate support from the Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). In the social model, the family faces all issues that arise out of having a mentally retarded member.

In India, due to lack of awareness about intellectual disability, lack of access to resources and societal stigma, many families abandon their intellectually challenged children. This being the scenario, Sri Arunodayam has stepped in to salvage the situation.

Sri Arunodayam was started as a home for destitute children. A 24-hour helpline along with the support of the Police network direct intellectually challenged, abandoned children from different parts of the country to find refuge in the loving hands of Sri Arunodayam.

The number of children under Sri Arunodayam’s care are not constant. It floats around eighty. Many children stay on with Sri Arunodayam, some children are re-united with their parents while some pass away.

Though Rescue, Rehabilitation and Care are prime activities of Sri Arunodayam, prevention is another area where Sri Arunodayam has started working. With the objective of preventing abandonment and preventing the possibilities of children being born with intellectual disability, Sri Arunodayam works with the community to create awareness, impart knowledge about intellectual disability and work to integrate such individuals into the society.



Dishaa started supporting Sri Arunodayam from 2009. Funds provided by Dishaa are used for Food and Medicine expenses for the children at the home. Dishaa also provides clothes, sweets and fireworks for Diwali.

Year Amount Amount
(USD) (Indian Rupees)
2009 2,602 119,692
2010 1,095 49,822
2011 2,472 116,184
2012 3,152 163,904
2013 2,750 151,250
Total 12,071 600,852