Nesam (

Nesam is a school for the children with disabilities, located at Arcot in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. The school presently has around 40 children. The founder Mr.Srinivasan started the school initially to take care of his son - who is mentally and physically challenged and few other kids. Due his efforts and his utmost devotion in taking care of these kids, he expanded the facility and took in more kids from in and around areas of Vellore district. He also arranges for medical camps for the mentally and physically challenged. He has received several recognitions from the local and state government.

Nesam aims to



Dishaa started supporting Nesam from 2003. Dishaa provides Nesam with financial assistance towards

Academic Amount Amount
Year (USD) (Indian Rupees)
2006-07 1,111 50,000
2007-08 1,100 42,823
2008-09 913 39,530
2009-10 1,155 56,595
Total 4,279 1,88,948