1. Suresh & Srivatsa had a great visit to our projects from Aug 15th to Aug 21st 2012. Click on the following link for pictures from the visit.

    • August 15th - Suresh, Srivatsa & Sundy visited eVidyaloka project at Jiiyapuram near Trichy

    • August 16th - Lecture series at Annai Engineering, Kumbakonam organized by Committee of Innovative Thinkers (COIT), Annai Engineering. Lecture's were delivered on

      • Career Counselling and Higher Education - Sundaresan Natarajan/Chocks Solaippan

      • Data Warehouse & Data Mining - Suresh Rajagopalan

      • Networks & Cloud Computing - Srivatsa Srinivasan

    • August 17th - Suresh & Srivatsa met all the students sponsored at P.V Selvaraj Girls High School in Tanjore. We also selected students for the upcoming academic year. One of Dishaa sponsored student (Agalya) has been selected for sponsorship for her B.Sc Nursing 4 year program.

    • August 18th - Lunch visit to Sri Arunodayam

    • August 20th - Visit to Eureka Child Program at Vepenchery village near Chennai. Project funded and executed by AID India

    • August 21st - We visited Gnanadeepam and donated 3 sewing machines

  2. Suresh, Suchi & Siddharth attended the Annual Day function at Annai Arts & Engineering help on Feb 11th 2012. Chief Guests for the event included Director Seeman, Manivannan and popular character artiste Ilavarasu from the Tamil Film Industry. There was a huge gathering of students and a book written by one of the founders of Annai Colleges, Mr.Humayun was also released.


  1. Suresh and Siddharth celebrated Diwali at Nesam on October 23th 2011. New clothes and sweets were distributed to all the students and teachers at the school.

  2. Suresh and Srivatsa celebrated Diwali at Sri Arunodayam on October 24th 2011. They enjoyed fireworks with the kids at the school. WE also visited the new building that was constructed with funds from a non profit organization in Spain.

  3. Suresh, Srivatsa and Uma celebrated Diwali at Gnanadeepam on October 25th 2011. New clothes and sweets were distributed to all the students and teachers. In addition a gift of Rs.3000 each was given to all the teachers in the school for Diwali.

  4. Suresh, Srivatsa and Dishaa Co-ordinator Mr.Sundaram visited PV Selvaraj Girls and high school and Annai Arts College, Kimbakonam on OCt 28th 2011. We spoke with each of the 17 sponsored students at PVS individually. All their performances during the quarterly exams were reviewed and goals have been set for them to achieve  in their half yearly exams. Suresh plans to visit the school again in early January to measure the progress.

  5. Suresh and Srivatsa also had a two hour talk session with the 10 undergrad students at Annai Arts. All these students are in their final year. We plan to sponsor the top 4 students for their post graduation and we hope that will be a motivating factor for all of them. We are proud and happy to say that one of our sponsored students is the college topper with more than 98% marks in all her subjects.


  1. Suresh and Dishaa Voluteer Srivatsa Srinivasan visited India in the first week of June. They made a whirlwind tour to some of our projects. On June 7th they met the 10th Standard students sponsored by Dishaa for academic year 2009-10. Along with the Principal Mr. Sivanandan of Thiru Vi ka High School, an indivudual interview process was conducted with each student and their parent(s) to understand issues that they have, their career aspirations etc. The students were also selected on the spot for their 11th and 12th sponsorships. Please click on the following link for photos from the trip.

  2. Suresh and Srivatsa visited Gnanadeepam and Sri Arunodayam on June 8th. It was Srivatsa's first visit to these schools and it was a remarkable experience for him. The state of these mentally challenged destitute children at SriArunodayam drew tears and our hats off to Mr.Iyyappan and his sister for managing SriArunodayam so well.

  3. Starting in June 2010, we will start supporting Gifted Rehabilitation Center in Tirunelveli. This is a school for special children. Around 30+ kids attend the school today. Our Chennai coordinator Mr.Sundaram, visited the school last month to initiate the project. Please click the following link for pictures from the visit. We will be providing financial support to hire special education teachers and also purchase computers and other tools needed for physical, occupational and speech therapy.

  4.  Sri Arunodayam celebrated their Sports Day in a grand manner. Please visit the following link for pictures from the event.